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Laparascopic Roux-n-Y-Gastric Bypass

This type of procedure creates a small stomach pouch and bypasses part of the small intestine. It is performed with multiple mini-incisions. It has the advantage of avoiding a large incision which can break down and a faster recovery than a conventional bypass. By reducing the food intake and still utilizing the jejunum, patients have a satisfied full feeling with much less intake of food. Studies have shown this procedure to be excellent for long-term weight loss success but requires lifetime patient behavioral changes. (See video)

Gastric bypass has been shown to be very effective at inducing and maintaining major weight loss in severe obesity.


  1. Reduced post surgery pain, recovery time and time off work compared to an open procedure.
  2. Often described as the "gold standard" for weight loss surgery in the United States and most frequently performed in this country.
  3. At two years, average weight loss is 70-80% of excess weight.
  4. Hypertension and diabetes are clinically reversed or improved in over 90% of patients
  5. Dumping (an uncomfortable physical reaction) can occur with foods high in fat and sugar which can help modify eating behavior.
  6. Almost no risk of incisional hernias after the operation (sometimes as much as 20% of open operations will have this problem).

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