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Multidisciplinary Approach

Success is more likely to happen when you have the support of a multidisciplinary team that will always be there to guide you and educate you on your new lifestyle. We combine both patient and team to make your weight-loss journey a walk on clouds.

At Advanced Medicine Institute we provide you with:

  • Doctors of the highest quality and high knowledge in the area of bariatrics and general medicine to give a suitable follow-up for you.
  • Patient Coordinators destined to educate and provide you with the necessary information on the procedures, costs and pre-operative process.
  • Nutritionist prepared to deal with topics of bariatrics and provide extensive nutritional follow-up to all our patients.
  • Psychologist qualified for the treatment of bariatric and general patients.
  • Sports Advisor highly competent to guide patients in the beginning of their new sports regime. 
  • Administrative Team which is dedicated and fully committed to support you in any doubt, reference, and appointments or support that you may require.

The Advanced Bariatric Institute, Reynosa, Mexico